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"Morality ends where a gun begins."

-Ayn Rand


"One man with a gun can control 100 without one."

-Vladimir Lenin



You know you've done it. We all have. Don't feel guilty about the vicarious thrill you get from watching Anton Chighur coolly kill five people with that amazingly cool looking suppressed shotgun. If film and television represent a form of wish fulfillment, an effectively used gun prop might as well be an 18 inch dick with wings. Heat, No Country for Old Men, Scarface, the James Bond series-the firearms used in these films are so iconic and memorable that they represent a kind of character in themselves. And now, with Walter's M60, we can add Breaking Bad to the list. The show has done an excellent job showcasing some of the more lethal firearms on the planet, exhibiting an expertise in weaponry that makes me believe that Vince Gilligan may be one of those survivalist weirdos who illicitly stockpile arms. Here are some details on some of the cooler weapons used in the show, just in case you happen to run into trouble with a bunch of heavily armed Nazis:

Kenny's Atchison Assault Shotgun,  The AA 12

Round: 12 Gauge
Capacity: 32 rounds (drum magazine)
Effective Range: 175 meters
Rate of Fire: 300 rounds per minute
Weight: 7.6 kg with 32 round drum
Best Used For: Close quarters combat
Stopping Power: Excellent
Recoil: Moderate
Accuracy: Very good within 100 meters

General Description: This gun is just...awesome. The AA 12 is a fully automatic, gas-operated 12 gauge combat shotgun that can empty its entire 32 round drum in under 7 seconds. Because it is operated by a proprietary gas based system that absorbs most of the blowback pressure when firing, the AA 12 only has about 10% of the recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun. The vastly improved steadiness makes it incredibly accurate at short to medium range, even when firing on full auto. It is also made of aerospace stainless steel and is self lubricating, which means minimal cleaning and upkeep and exceptional reliability. It can also be armed with FRAG-12 ammunition, which contains a small warhead and fuse assembly that explode on impact, sort of like a mini-grenade. Because of its incredible stopping power, overwhelming rapid fire, and short-range accuracy, this is probably the gun you would want most in a close quarters combat situation. It can literally rip a person apart or blow up an entire vehicle. It's an insane weapon, one that I'm not sure a guy like Kenny, or really anyone with a swastika tattoo on their neck, shouldn't be able to legally own and operate. Given that the show is filmed in New Mexico, however, he probably has a permit for the fucking thing.

Here's a clip from Future Weapons on the Military Channel that gives a pretty detailed description of the weapon:

Walter's M60

Round: 7.62*51mm NATO cartridge (.308 Winchester)
Capacity: Belt feed system typically uses bandoliers of 100 rounds
Effective Range: 1,200 yards (1,100 meters)
Rate of Fire: 500-650 rounds per minute
Weight: 10.5 kg (23.1 pounds)
Best Used For: Attacking targets downrange
Stopping Power: Excellent
Recoil: Moderate
Accuracy: Very good

General Description: When you really need to kill some motherfuckers, you can't go wrong with Rambo's gun. You've seen it at least a half dozen times. It's become a ubiquitous part of our popular culture, the go to weapon for Hollywood when killing lots of people is an integral part of the storyline. And now Walter White has one. Stay the fuck out of Albuquerque.

The M60 was the United State's military's most widely used general purpose machine gun for the better part of sixty years, used in every military excursion since the end of the Korean war. It has been equipped to jeeps, humvees, and helicopters, in addition to being used by machine gunners on the ground. Using a gas-operated, air cooled, belt fed ammunition system of 7.62 mm rounds, the weapon can effectively provide suppressive fire from over 1,000 meters. It's commonly referred to as a 'squad multiplier,' a weapon one Navy SEAL described as being capable of "putting the heads down and making you seem a lot bigger than you really are." Due to its buffer system, the M60 has surprisingly little recoil, which contributes to its excellent accuracy. Its stopping power is tremendous, combining a large caliber bullet with rapid fire power that can rip a target far downrange to shreds. Reliability is a bit of an issue as the gun sometimes jams and can overheat when used in rapid fire for extended periods, but despite its imperfections, there is a reason why this was the go to machine gun of the U.S. military for the better part of a century. If you had to attack a group of heavily armed Aryans on a fortified compound, this would be the weapon to do it with, as its rate of fire can overwhelm an enemy from a safe distance. Check out the videos below to get an impression of just how much damage Walter might be able to unleash when he gets back from New Hampshire. GETSOMEGETSOMEGETSOME!!!

Walt's .38 snub-Ruger LCR standard

Round: .38 special
Capacity: 5 rounds
Weight: 13.5 oz.
Effective Range: 30 meters
Best Used For: personal protection, concealed, close quarters
Stopping Power: Good
Recoil: Manageable, but fairly strong for a small handgun
Accuracy: Fair

This is a smooth little gun. Incredibly light, easily concealed, with no hammer to snag when drawn, Walt's .38 snub is ideal for inconspicuous self-defense. It displays very good stopping power for such a small gun and, like all revolvers, is easy to use and exceptionally reliable. If you were planning on going to a gunfight, you'd want to carry a larger handgun with more stopping power and better range/accuracy/capacity, however this is a great weapon for unexpected, short range engagement. Since most of Walt's murders tend to be premeditated, however, he probably should have gone all in and gotten a .45 or 9 millimeter.

Mike Ehrmantraut-Heckler&Koch Mark 23 (with KAC suppressor)

Round: .45 ACP
Capacity: 12 rounds
Weight: 2.29 kg/5.0 lbs (w/suppressor)
Effective Range: 25 meters
Best Used For: Close quarters/offensive usage
Stopping Power: Excellent at short range
Recoil: Moderate
Accuracy: Very good

Hitmen, special forces, assassins-this is the pistol of choice for the types of individuals who use firearms in more of an offensive capacity. Its size and weight help reduce recoil, which improves accuracy, but inhibits draw time and handling in defensive situations. Not a problem for a guy like Mike Ehrmantraut, whose firearm usage tends to be methodically planned and specifically targeted. Utilizing a .45 caliber round, the gun has excellent stopping power (hence the two cartel hitmen flying out of the Hermanos truck when Mike shoots them in "Cornered") without compromising accuracy. Originally designed for U.S. special forces in 1992, it is waterfproof, exceptionally durable, corrosion resistant, and can be outfitted with a suppressor. Great for covert special operations and planned murders, this is the official handgun for badasses across the globe.

Check out the video to see what a suppressed handgun really sounds like (kind of like an airsoft rifle); just in case you're an aspiring hitman, remember that suppressors only work with special ammunition.

Cartel Hitmen-Heckler&Koch MP5K 9*19 mm

Round: 9*19 mm
Capacity: 15, 30, 32, or 40 round box magazine Weight: 2.0 kg, 4.4 lbs
Effective Range: 100 meters
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds/min
Accuracy: Excellent
Recoil: Slight
Stopping Power: Fair

Light, compact, concealable, reliable, accurate-this is a sick little gun. Originally designed for special forces by German manufacturer Heckler and Koch in the 60s, the MP5 is the world's most widely used submachine gun. Excellent for close quarters, room clearing, and urban warfare, this is the preferred weapon for many SWAT teams and special forces members. The one knock against the weapon is its lack of stopping  power, as its 9 mm round often lacks the kinetic energy to effectively disable a target with the first hit. Traditional military personnel rave about the MP5 with near unanimity, however, envying their special forces colleagues who get to use it with regularity. Its lack of recoil, particularly on full auto, make it extremely user friendly and fun to shoot. If you're going to try to completely eviscerate a Los Pollos Hermanos truck, however, a gun with a larger caliber bullet would be desired.

Tuco-M4A1 Carbine 5.56*45 mm

Round: 5.56*45 NATO
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight: 7.5 lbs. (w/30 round magazine)
Effective Range: 600 meters
Rate of Fire: 750-900 rd/min
Accuracy: Excellent
Recoil: Moderate
Stopping Power: Fair

WHOOOOOOO, LOOKITHAT!!! ITS GUTS WENT EVERYWHERE!!! The gun used by Tuco in his shootout with Hank is TIGHTTIGHTTIGHTTIGHT!!! The most widely used rifle in the U.S. military, it is revered for its accuracy, light weight, and versatility. Ultimately derived from the classic AR15 model, the M4 is a compact version of the M16A2. Like its predecessor, it displays exceptional downrange accuracy, however its shortened barrel also makes it extremely effective in close quarters. Its capacity for effective engagement at multiple ranges and lightweight portability make it ideal for the fast paced nature of urban warfare. The M4A1 has both semi and fully automatic firing modes (much more accurate in semi), in case you want to empty an entire clip and make a cow explode when you're tuned up on meth. The weapon system has two major drawbacks, however. First, it needs to be cleaned religiously or else it will jam. Second, the 5.56 mm NATO round has only average stopping power, at best. U.S. Special Forces personnel have repeatedly complained that even when targets are hit multiple times, they are often not immediately incapacitated. If a guy like Tuco wants to kill you when he's charged up on blue crystal, he may not even feel the 5.56 bullet pass right through him. This is an excellent gun for a trained infantryman who can take advantage of its accuracy, but if you're Walter White, you're going to want to go in a different direction. Some alternatives include the AK47 (better stopping power and reliability, less accuracy), the LWRC PSD (smaller, better stopping power, better reliability, but increased recoil), or the M14 (great accuracy and stopping power, but requires similar upkeep as the M4 and is much heavier). Watch the video below to get an idea of the gun's recoil and how effective it can be in the hands of an expert shooter:

The Cousins-Nickel Plated M1911-.45 ACP

Round: .45 ACP
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight: 2.44 lb
Effective Range: 50 meters
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Accuracy: Very good
Recoil: Strong
Stopping Power: Excellent

The standard issue sidearm for US Military personnel from 1911-1985, this is one of the most popular small firearms in the world. This is an advanced gun handler's pistol, the preferred sidearm of gun afficionados across the world. While, like all .45 caliber pistols, its stopping power is excellent, it takes an experienced shooter to handle its recoil and fire accurately. Modern 1911s are designed to be extremely accurate in the right hands, however, and is extremely well balanced and comfortable to hold. The drawbacks are that it is heavy, has a limited magazine capacity, and requires constant maintenance. An excellent handgun for the advanced cartel assassin who is just as comfortable wielding a large caliber handgun as he is an axe.
Mas facile.

ASAC Hank Schrader (RIP)-Glock 22

Round: .40 S&W
Capacity: 10/15/17 round
Weight: 22.92 oz.
Effective Range: 25 meters
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Accuracy: Good
Recoil: Moderate
Stopping Power:  Very Good

The most widely used firearm for law enforcement, this pistol is easy to use and extremely reliable. Well regarded for its large magazine capacity, extreme durability, and excellent stopping power, this is a no nonsense firearm. Glock detractors' frequently criticize the gun's uncharming aesthetic design, but for a meat and potatoes guy like Hank Schrader, that's not a problem. There are more accurate pistols out there, but this gun is solid pretty much across the board, with no conspicuous flaws. Despite its consistency and dependability, the Glock 22 just isn't going to be enough if you find yourself in a firefight with a group of heavily armed Aryans.  An M60, on the other hand...  

TOMORROW: We take a look at some of my favorite cold openings from Breaking Bad....Don't miss it, bitches!!!